Byte Me Productions


While TV is changing radically — new applications, delivery mechanisms and functionality, shifting viewing patterns and Advertising opportunities, Byte Me Productions is committed to bridging the gap between top broadcast and music industry players—content providers, producers, artists, financiers, distributors and sponsors with co-production deals that are "made to measure".  Byte Me Productions serves a conduit for these strategic partnerships...taking cutting edge productions, emerging artists, progressive media technologies and advertisers product and/or advertisers dollars to allow for maximum audience penetration.

According to Mark Greenberg, Co-Founder of Byte Me Productions, "with the radical impact of technology we are witnessing a rapid and steady decline in linear/broadcast programming of views ship.  The distribution model has dramatically shifted and viewers are now spending more than traditional advertisers to access the tailored content they wanted, via DVD's, DVR's, cable subscriptions, Web downloads and video-on-demand. This revolution is forcing media players to look beyond the plain vanilla business model -- consumers dollars are funding the desired programming, rather than traditional hard advertising dollars supporting the programming."

As per Cynthia DiBartolo, Co-Founder of Byte Me Productions "With the very real threat of viewer controlled ad-skipping, advertisers are now compelled to create channels for product placement.   In fact, product placements importance is growing in all genres of television and Byte Me Production recognize that there is prerequisite to have creative and cleaver product placements woven into the productions such that DVR users can't skip over.  Therefore, affording the advertiser a meaningful level of participation in the content of the show, and mining Ad dollars to offset budgets."